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Women's Self Defence Training in Cape Town

What we can do for you:


Train you to be able to escape specific dangerous situations with the least likelihood of serious injury or trauma.


Learn to use your body as a weapon if you need to protect yourself.

Efficient and Effective Modern Self Defence Training:

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Our goal is to give you the most practical and effective techniques in the shortest possible time, allowing you to increase your chances of being able to protect yourself from the moment you start training.

About the Self Defence Training


Learn about different parts of the women's self defence training we can offer you.

Self Defence Training Options

Self Defence Course

We offer a session by session self defence course to cover what we believe to be the most important concepts and techniques for women in today's world.

Group Training Sessions

We offer our women's self defence course material in stand-alone group training sessions where you can schedule a training session at the studio for a group on specific date. You organise a group of people willing to train on a specific day and then we discuss and set a date. You can request to train specific kinds of situations if there are ones that you are more concerned about for your group.

Introduction to Women's Self Defence Workshop

We also give a stand-alone introduction to women's self defence presentation / workshop where you can learn and practice highly effective techniques and concepts over a single session as an introduction to self defence.

See the Women's Self Defence Course  Concepts section for more details about the course content and concepts.

Useful Self Defence Information

We believe this may be useful to you:

What to expect in a session

What you can expect in a typical course session:

The session will usually begin with the warm-up, which involves using real self-defence techniques.

In each session you will become increasingly familiar with the same core techniques, while your speed, coordination and delivery will increase.

Every week we will introduce new self-defence situations or techniques.

In a real life situation, speed and correct technique is equally important. Situational techniques should be practiced many times to be both functionally correct as well as fast enough to be practical. Sessions will also include the revision and practice of previously learned techniques.

There will always be a place for anonymous feedback to ensure that we maintain the quality of our training and improve where necessary.

Training Studio - Cape Town

Training Studio Training Studio

Training Studio - Location

Our self defence training studio is at 10 Anson Street, Observatory, Cape Town.

Training Studio - Information and Directions

Our studio is easily accessible via Main Road from Cape Town City Center, Woodstock, Salt River, Mowbray, Rosebank, Rondebosch, Claremont, Kenilworth, Wynberg, Plumstead, Diep River, Heathfield, Meadowridge, Bergvliet, Tokai, Constantia and Retreat.

Directions from Main Road, Observatory: turn into Station Road, after Observatory Spar (on your right) turn left into Drake Street, immediately turn right into Anson Street, then turn left into the extension of Anson Street. Our studio is at 10 Anson Street on the left (next to the security hut), with some parking available.

Street view / map

Please note, all training will be done barefoot, to preserve the studio's flooring from damage.

Toilets and Showers are available.

Course Concepts

The following are some core concepts that relate to our self defence course:

Women Specific Self Defence

The dangerous situations that call for self-defence, that women and that men are likely to encounter, are different. Some kinds of attack situations happen to both men and women.

In many situations, involving some form of violence, including sexual violence, men attack women differently than they would a man.

We focus on what we consider to be common and likely situations for women, in the event of being attacked by a man.

Understand and learn to use the weaknesses in a set of attacks, or situations

Almost attack situations leave the attacker vulnerable in a certain way. This is an essential principle. During an attack, the attacker’s legs, arms and other vulnerable body parts are in specific positions. The responses that this course teaches rely on knowing and using an attack position’s weaknesses to the maximum effect.

Learn how to use your body as an effective weapon

Learn how to deliver powerful strikes, elbows, knees, “knee breaks”, accurate kicks (while standing and on the ground), and avoid all techniques that many people think are effective but are not effective in a situation.

Use the right technique for the situation

In a life threatening situation where you are being attacked, and every second counts, execute highly trained powerful techniques that the situation demands.

Learn and practice the fast identification of targets in a rapidly changing situation

At any point in any attack situation, learn to identify the right targets to attack, in the right way, as your life may depend on it.

Self-Protection, Awareness and Avoidance

We believe that it’s better to avoid unnecessary situations that could lead to the need for physical self defence.

Being aware of potentially dangerous situations (and how they can escalate), your surroundings and yourself (how you appear to others), and taking the necessary actions, allows you to avoid these situations as well as respond to them if they occur.

If you are not unaware of a situation that may occur, your ability to avoid it and respond to it is limited.

If awareness and avoidance have failed, then you must in some way de-escalate or escape the situation. Not all dangerous situations can be avoided or simply escaped; at this point, the training and your own preparation that you have done for physical self-defence and scenarios, are very important.

Pepper Spray

Many people immediately feel safer when carrying pepper spray.

Your defensive capabilities increase substantially if you carry pepper spray and are able to use it.

Read more about using pepper spray.

Multiple attackers, footwork and rapid responses

You may be faced with multiple attackers; in such situations, footwork, weight placement, fast direction changes and the correct ranged technique are extremely important. We aim to teach you to rapidly respond to more than one attacker, at various distances.

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