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15 Benefits of Self Defence Training

There are many benefits to doing self defense training - We've organised a list of 15 benefits of self defence training:

Attacks are prevented before they happen

In many cases, simple understanding of certain situations and how situations escalate can prevent potential situations from becoming real self-defence situations. Not all situations or attacks are preventable, but many are.

Toned body and Fitness

Benefits of Women's Self Defence - Toned body and Fitness Self-defence gives you a real reason to look after your body and have toned muscles and be fit. Fitness and strength are assets – a technique’s effectiveness is related to how quickly and powerfully it can be done.

While strength is not essential in many situations, if helps and makes every situation easier. Training often can tone and change the appearance and way your body feels to you.


Training consistently forms and requires discipline. Doing every technique with care and coordination requires and forms discipline. Training alone, perfecting and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your techniques, takes discipline. The self-discipline gained in your self-defence training and lifestyle will also help in the discipline that is of benefit to other aspects of your life.

Lifestyle, skill and beauty

There is a kind of art in knowing how to respond to different situations, knowing many different strikes and kicks, and how to move. Practicing these can be very rewarding and artful (and stress relieving).

Increased Coordination in Movement and Balance

The coordination involved in self-defence develops an understanding of moving your body and the body of others in specific ways. You learn how your body moves, how to use different parts of your feet for rapid movement and balance. You learn how to it feels to be close to another person and how their balance and movement respond to what you do.

Thus, self-defence training can make increase your abilities in other physical activities. Dancing is one example - dancing and self-defence both rely on rapid and very coordinated muscle control and balance. Training one, will help and supplement the training of the other.

Reduced Fear

There is no longer a reason to be fearful – fear is replaced with awareness and caution – fear is an emotion, caution is a way in which you act. You can have caution and awareness of situations that pose danger without experiencing any emotion, especially not fear. Fear is replaced with awareness and confidence, acting with caution where appropriate.


Being able to stand up for yourself, knowing that if the situation escalated, you can also escalate your response. You know how to use your body as a weapon, and you know you can respond to many different situations.

Sometimes before an attack occurs there is also an “interview” where you are being tested to see if you will make a suitable victim. This interview could be being asked simple questions by a stranger or even a person you know who is considering attacking you in some way.

Confidence can do much in decreasing the chances being attacked - it is one extra layer you have to protect yourself, but even being confident, you can still be attacked.

Coolness (Situational Conditioning)

You don’t freeze in a potentially dangerous situation and respond quickly and effectively. The more you have trained certain situations, the cooler you will be under stress and can do what you need to and/or get out of the situation.


Meeting and training with people who also believe in training, and forming new friendships. The people that you train with can become a community to you. Meeting each week for a common purpose, and working with them in achieving similar goals and solving challenging and interesting problems that each situation presents.

Increased Self-Respect, and changed image of oneself

You are someone with considerable training that you have worked at diligently and have experience in responding to many situations, and can protect others – simply you being present with the ability to protect others, you are a benefit to society.

Solving Challenges

Self-defence training is highly interesting, challenging and fun. Situations that you are faced with in training can be like problems that must be solved, and there are many solutions. Sometimes you have been given the answers or partial answers. Sometimes you have to create the solutions. The solutions you create depend on the level of your training, your strengths and abilities.

Working with different people and solving problems with them gives you both team work and problem solving skills that can be used in other areas of your life.

Faster Reflexes / Reactions and Decisive Mind-Set

You can learn to react on reflex, and also where necessary, take proactive and decisive action in a dangerous situation.

Awareness of Surroundings

Knowing situations, and what to look for, you will be able you to see threats that others miss, and know where to exercise caution.

Strengthen your Community

You become an asset to your community, being able to defend others and yourself. You are not contributing to being part of a society that is easily intimidated by other people. You are person who can in many situations protect themselves and protect others.

Being able to defend yourself and others

You become more able to protect yourself and others, if attacked.

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