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Group Training Sessions

Women's Self Defence Group Training Sessions - Observatory, Cape Town

We offer our self defence course material in stand-alone sessions where you can set up a training session at the training studio. You organise a group of people willing to train on a specific day and then we discuss and set a training date.

We will give you the content we feel is most important first, including key fundamentals and situations. We could take a group through either one or a number of sessions.

You can also request to train specific kinds of situations if there are ones that you are more concerned about for your group.

Our Group Training Sessions include the following:

  • > Key Self Defence Concepts
  • > Highly Effective Responses to Common Attack Situations (15+ Techniques that WORK against a stronger attacker)
  • > Awareness, Prevention, Preparation, Readiness (APPR)
  • > Your Best Weapons - how to deliver effective Strikes, Elbow Strikes, Knees and Ground Kicks
  • > Footwork and Movement Principles
  • > Ground Concepts - Getting up, Moving, Kicking
  • > Common Self Defence Misconceptions
  • > Introduction to Self Defence Weapons, Strengths and Weaknesses
  • > Using Pepper Spray and what to Know

Rates and more information

Group Self Defence Training Rates

We calculate specific rates depending on the number of people and whether its a 1 or 1 1/2 hour session.

The minimum charge is R120 per person for larger groups and the short session.
The maximum charge is R200 per person for the smallest groups and long session.

Group Sizes

The smallest group we can train is 4 people and the largest group is 14 people.

We can then arrange a class at a time that suits you. Saturday mornings are available, and some weeknights are also available.

Group Training Location

Our Nia Studio, 10 Anson Street, Observatory, Cape Town

Our default group glasses training location is at our Training Studio, but we could consider possibly training at another venue.

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Interested in Group Training Sessions? Contact us and let us know your group size and desired session time, and if you have any special self defence situation requests.

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