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Self Defence Presentation / Workshop

Women's Self Defence Presentation / Workshop - Observatory, Cape Town

Learn valuable self defence information and practice highly effective techniques for both common and dangerous situations in our stand-alone self defence presentation / workshop.

Our next Self Defence Presentation will include the following:

  • > Key Self Defence Concepts
  • > 5 Extremely Useful Moves that Women can learn that WORK against a stronger attacker (You learn and try them)
  • > Your Best Weapons - how to deliver effective Strikes, Elbow Strikes, Knees and Ground kicks
  • > Awareness, Prevention, Preparation, Readiness (APPR)
  • > Common Self Defence Misconceptions
  • > Strengths and Weaknesses of Self Defence Weapons
  • > Including Pepper Spray and what to know
  • > And some other Info

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Studio Location

Location: Our Nia Studio, 10 Anson Street, Observatory, Cape Town

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