Real Situations. Effective Techniques.

Self Defence Course / Training

Women's Self Defence Course - Observatory, Cape Town

The training is designed to give you the most practical and effective techniques in the shortest possible time, allowing you to increase your chances of being able to protect yourself from the moment you start training.

Each session contains training of various parts of the course content. You can drop in at any point and train with us. We also revise what we have done – repeating material is essential to know it well, to be able to use it when you need it.

Our Self Defence Course / Training includes the following:

  • > Key Self Defence Concepts
  • > Levels of Awareness in Self Protection
  • > Effective Palm Strikes (When to use and how, Impact Training)
  • > Elbow Attacks (When/how, Impact Training)
  • > Kicks (When/how, which to avoid, Impact Training)
  • > Using Headbutts (When to use and how)
  • > Footwork Basics
  • > Best Targets to attack in Specific Situations
  • > Abduction Scenarios and Responses
  • > Anti Rape Techniques (Ground Situations that could precede Rape and how to get out of them)
  • > Ground Training and Concepts – Moving to Ground, Kicking from Ground, Getting up from Ground
  • > Filipino Flow Drills (Speed, Coordination, Control, Redirection, Timing)
  • > Weapons Training – Stick – Using a short or long Stick as a defensive Weapon
  • > Multiple Attackers Training and Combinations, understanding Transitions
  • > Escaping Chokes (Ground / Standing)
  • > Pepper Spray and using it effectively
  • > Common Self Defence Misconceptions

Facebook Group: We have a Facebook Group that we invite all women who are interested in self defence to join to see upcoming events, what we are training each week, as well as other useful information about self defence for women.

Who can attend classes? Women, and girls 14 to 17 years (teenagers) are welcome to train, who are able to do moderate excercise.

Booking is essential.

Training Date/Time: We train each week on a Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm.
Indemnity forms are signed before training and then we begin.
Interested in Training with us? Contact us and book now.

Studio Location

Location: Our Nia Studio, 10 Anson Street, Observatory, Cape Town

Street view / map

Our studio is easily accessible via Main Road from Cape Town City Center, Woodstock, Salt River, Mowbray, Rosebank, Rondebosch, Claremont, Kenilworth, Wynberg, Plumstead, Diep River, Heathfield, Meadowridge, Bergvliet, Tokai, Constantia and Retreat.

Directions from Main Road, Observatory: turn into Station Road, after Observatory Spar (on your right) turn left into Drake Street, immediately turn right into Anson Street, then turn left into the extension of Anson Street. Our studio is at 10 Anson Street on the left (next to the security hut), with some parking available.

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