Real Situations. Effective Techniques.

Women's Self Defence Training

Our training is multi-facted and covers many essentials to you being able to realistically defend yourself and others.

Below we describe the facets of the self defence training:

Impact Training

Impact Training using pads

We train you to use your best weapons when needed.

Your best weapons:
- knees
- elbows
- feet (kicking)
- heel of the hand (striking).

For each of these, we will look at your individual technique and help you use the correct body mechanics to get the most out of each "weapon".

Training knees in Impact Training

Any striking or kicking training is incomplete without Impact Training, which means hitting real targets (pads) so that you and the instructor can determine the power of each strike, and where to improve.

Impact Training means that when a situation arises, whatever it is, you can deliver a powerful attack at the moment it is required.

We have extensive experience in developing powerful, fast and coordinated strikes and kicks into actual targets. Using various training methods, and teaching precise and specific body mechanics, we can help you likewise maximise your speed and power in your strikes and kicks.

Scenario Based Training

We train you for scenarios you could encounter.

A large part of the time in your training is focused on learning how to effectively respond in these scenarios.

Scenarios can include being surrounded, wrist grabs, various abduction attempts, ground situations, and many others.

Self defence ground situation, with the attacker close to you

Ground Based Training

Self defence situation, where you are on the ground

In an unexpected situation, you could find yourself suddenly on the ground. You may have tripped, or you may be forced to the ground (or a bed).

We train you in ground specific techniques, including getting out of the situation where an opponent is close to you, or has you pinned in some way.

Ground based offensives (against attackers), ground situation responses, and ground escapes are all covered.

Escaping Situations that could preceed Rape

In South Africa, unfortunately women at some point may find themselves in a situation where a man tries to rape them.

Therefore, adequate self defence for women should include training that would empower them to prevent a rape situation.

The training content related to rape, is looking at situations where a rape could be the next part of the attack. For example after just being forced to the ground, while many things could occur from here including rape, there's nothing actually sexual about the situation. We look at a set of vulnerable situations, what the defensive options are, and how to get out of the situation.

We believe the techniques we can train you in, are effective, and work against a stronger opponent.

Understanding of Best Targets

Within each situation that you may face, different targets are available for striking.

Your training will teach you the most effective targets to attack in a given situations, allowing you to injure the attacker if necessary, and then escape.

Holding pads for attacking the Leg

Flow Drills

We train certain movement-combination flow drills designed to increase coordination, control and speed, improving your reflexes.

Your body learns to execute a series of rapid movements in sequence, such as combinations of blocks and counter strikes.

These drills, usually practiced with two people, allow you to experience what the human body is capable of, which is both challenging and fun.

Multiple Opponent Based Training

Women's Self Defence Student training on with two pads, as part of multiple attacker Impact Training'

It's possible you could be attacked or find yourself in dangerous scenario with more than one person.

We train you in key footwork and movement principles designed for multiple attackers, and present situations with more than one person.

Not having any training in multiple attackers puts you at an extreme disadvantage, should the situation present itself.

Interesting, challenging and FUN

We believe you will find the training interesting, challenging, fun and empowering.

You will be working with other students on interesting challenges relating to self defence, together becoming increasingly able, skillful and empowered - this process is naturally rewarding.

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