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Women's Self Defence Articles

What every woman should know about Self Defence

Women's Self Defence Self defence is for all people. Self defence is about being able to protect yourself.

Being able to protect yourself involves awareness, avoidance, preparation, and readiness. Read more...

The 4 Levels of Awareness - using them to protect yourself

Using The 4 Levels of Awareness to protect yourself. Why each is important, and when each should be used.

Single Session v.s Multiple Session Training

Single Session v.s Multiple Session Training for realistic, and effective self defence. Why we suggest that proper self defence training will take many sessions.

Women's Self Defence Tips

Read our latest Women's Self Defence Tips.

Using Pepper Spray for Self Defence - Things to consider

Pepper Spray Many people immediately feel safer when carrying pepper spray.

Your defensive capabilities increase substantially if you carry pepper spray and are able to use it. Read more...

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