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Self Defence Tips for Women

Always Trust your Intuition

Trust that feeling inside you when you feel like something is not quite right, off or wrong about a person or situation..

Many women after surviving some kind of attack say something similar to, I wish I had just trusted my feelings.. more...

Walls and Corners

When walking past a corner, in a dangerous area, or when alone, never walk alongside the wall as you approach the corner, if you can avoid it.

Someone can simply wait out of view on the other side of the corner and attack you from behind, as walking close to the wall, allows someone to suddenly be right next to you without you being aware of it.

Instead, its much safer to take the corner wide by not walking right next to the wall or corner, or instead walking in a way that you can see if there would be a person there.

In a dangerous area, be concious of who is behind you and how close they are

One of the most vulnerable positions any person can be in is having someone directly behind them, in which they can be attacked, and held in a way that is difficult to fight back, or escape. This could also involve having your mouth covered or being choked.

If at all possible, if someone is coming close to you or passing you in a dangerous area, do be conscious of where they are - turn your head and maintain peripheral eye contact, and be ready to step out their path or out of the reach, or even face them if they get too close to you.

You have many defensive options if you are from the front or side, but few if attacked from the back.

Know your enemy - what most criminals look for and how they think

Most criminals generally only attack, rob and rape if they believe the odds are in their favor and they believe it's likely they will get away with it.

They will most often choose the location, and choose the victim according to certain criteria.

If you appear to be an easy target, then you are more likely to get attacked. Thus it is very important that when in a potentially dangerous situation or area, that you appear confident and aware.

Don't be afraid of making some momentary eye contact or at least showing that you are aware of someone as they pass you. To ignore, and not be conscious of a person walking past or close to you, allows them to attack you more easily.

Don't portray anything that makes you seem like an easy target, walk confidently, with your head up, conscious of what is going around you.

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