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Always Trust your Intuition

One of the most important principles in avoiding an attack is:

Always trust your intuition.

Trust that feeling inside you when you feel like something is not quite right, off or wrong about a person, situation, or situation that is developing. Your safety is far too important to worry about rejecting an offer, or hurting someone’s feelings if you don’t feel comfortable.

Many women after surviving some kind of attack say something similar to, I wish I had just trusted my feelings I KNEW something was not right, but I didn’t want to … (insert reason) e.g. appear impolite / unfriendly.

This conditioned desire to be polite is often what some attackers count on.

If you feel your intuition warning you, or you don’t feel comfortable, then if at all possible, you should avoid the situation.

Depending on the situation and risks, get ready for whatever you feel you may need to do. For example if you are alone and someone is approaching or interacting with you in a way you don’t feel comfortable:

What weapons do you have on you or around you? Do you have your pepper spray close by or in your hand if you need it? Are you prepared and ready to scream for help if you need to?

Where can you run? Where is safety, where are there a lot of people, that would deter the attack?

Are you cornered? How can you move so you are not cornered?

If a person attacks you suddenly, are you mentally prepared to not go into shock or disbelief but take action in response. Think about what you would do if they suddenly moved into your space, did some kind of attack, grabbed you, or pushed you to the ground?

Always trust your intuition. But also, do consider what you would do if a situation developed; And if you are unsure, seek training and ask questions.

Keep yourself safe, you’re worth protecting.

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