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What every woman should know about Self Defence

1. Self Defence is not only for men

Women's Self Defence Self defence is for all people. Self defence is about being able to protect yourself.

Being able to protect yourself involves awareness, avoidance, preparation, and readiness.

2. Effective Self Defence is about training for likely or common situations

Effective and efficient women's self defence involves training for likely or common situations that happen to women.

In many situations, men attack women differently than they would a man.

Effective self defence is being aware of these situations and then training the appropriate response techniques and strategies until you can realistically respond to these situations as they are presented.

3. You can defend yourself against stronger attackers

When you have trained sufficiently for many known situations, and the situation you have trained for (or similar) is presented, you can respond suddenly, quickly, and powerfully, potentially injuring the attacker(s), and escape.

4. Proper Self Defence Involves Impact Training

Impact Training with Pads for Self Defence Proper self defence must include impact training. You must ensure that you have the ability to deliver strong strikes and kicks, which are necessary in a self defence situation.

Impact Training should also be extended to more than one target, ensuring that you can move between targets, which simulates the scenario of multiple attackers.

5. Self Defence Involves Ground Training / Scenarios

In an unexpected situation, you could find yourself suddenly on the ground. You may have tripped, or you may be forced to the ground or a bed.

It is vital that you know and have trained for the ground, including getting out of the situation where an opponent is close to you, or has you pinned in some way. It is important to know what your defensive options are and have practiced them. How to deliver powerful kicks, how to move on the ground and escape.

6 Self Defence involves weapons

Kicking from the Ground in Self Defence

Your body is your main physical weapon. Unlike accessory weapons, it cannot be dropped or taken out of your hand, you cannot leave home without it.

A knee is a weapon, an elbow is a weapon, but their effective use depends on when, where and how they are used.

Pepper Spray Common accessory "carry" weapons are pepper spray, expandable batons, firearms, knives and other weapons.

Every weapon that you have available for use, and have properly trained, increases your ability to protect yourself. Never rely on any one weapon alone.

7. Self Defence is about prevention and readiness

It is avoiding unnecessary dangerous situations to begin with.

If the situation cannot be avoided, then it's best to respond in the most effective way, minimising the chance of injury or harm to yourself.

In order to be able to respond in the most effective way, it is necessary to have knowledge of what the most effective ways to respond are, and have sufficiently trained for the situation.

In many cases the most effective response involves knowing and using the weakness of a person who is attacking you against them.

8. Self Defence is a lifestyle

Self defence is a continual practice of all that you know and are training.

You must be able to perform your techniques effectively under stress. It is being able to do what is needed, with sufficient power, coordination and speed. Effective techniques require hours of training, and need to be practiced often enough to be ready when needed.

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